refash.sg is an exclusive online marketplace for women to buy and sell "like new" fashion. Members can list items straight from their wardrobes and shop up to 70% off their favourite fast fashion and luxury brands.

Add your preferred item(s) to your shopping bag, then continue to Checkout. You can also sign up for or log into your refash.sg account for member perks.

You can list unlimited number of items for free onrefash.sg. Simply create an account onrefash.sg, upload the photos and description of your item, set your price and start selling. REFASH will handle all of the sales and enquiries for a 19% handling fee on each sale. The handling fee will be deducted from your listed selling price and your earnings can be cashed out into your bank account.

REFASH has a set of policies in place to protect our buyers and sellers and to ensure fairness of activity. Follow the links to read more on REFASH's policies:

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  2. Return Policy