About Us

REFASH founder, Aloysius Sng, noticed for a long time that his wife doesn’t wear more than 70% of what’s in her closet. He went on to validate this with many other female friends and realised that all of them face the problem of a bursting closet full of things they never used. Suddenly, he was compelled to make a change in their lives. Surely, there was someone who would treasure the things his friends no longer wanted. Aloysius set out to connect women’s closets and reduce clothing wastage in Singapore. On January 26th 2016, with a newly-formed team of just five people, REFASH officially launched. Today, REFASH serves more than 15,000 of the country’s coolest customers, has secured backing from venture capitalists and a host of prominent angel investors.

Aloysius Sng, REFASH Founder

"We’re well on our way to changing the way people buy and sell fashion, but really, we’re just getting started."
Vision Mission

Our Vision

"To enable every woman to think 'Like New' first"

Our Mission

"To become the largest marketplace for buying and selling secondhand fashion in Asia"

"Welcome to the collaborative economy, spring cleaning has never been so profitable"
- The New York Times

REFASH has transformed what it means to buy and sell secondhand fashion. We have created a community for people with similar fashion sense to connect and transact, without them actually doing anything. We put cash back into our users’ wallet, for more shopping.

“Bringing delight back into up-cycling, giving every piece of clothing a meaningful second life”
We hope you enjoy buying and selling at REFASH!